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Have you had problems with a work order?

Work orders not actioned? Work orders not done properly? 

You deserve to have your repairs completed in a reasonable time, with quality work, and with your apartment left in good shape.


Tenants tell us that in some cases they are dissatisfied with the quality and timeliness of repairs. We have heard of tenants giving up on having work orders completed. Some work orders, it seems, are just not actioned. We also hear of messy apartments after the work is finally done.


We have been told by CAPREIT that a database system will eventually be used to track work orders and to make sure that they are completed. Until then, if you encounter problems, use the following escalation procedure.


First, make sure to document your work order when you give it. (What did you request? When did you request it?) Also document any communication you receive from CAPREIT during the process.


If your work order is not done, or not done to your satisfaction, you can escalate it through these four steps until you receive satisfaction:


1.    Contact/discuss with the Site Manager (Marilena Sadovec:

2.   Contact/discuss with the Operations Manager (Sam Bergeron:

3.   Contact/discuss with the Director of Operations (Georgeta Morar:

4.   Contact/discuss with Capreit Cares (1-855-227-6478)


Please follow these steps until the work is completed and meets with your satisfaction.

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