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Ridiculous Timelines

CAPREIT has often delayed unacceptably long times after agreeing to do something. Let’s take a look at some timelines.

This week the curb cut at the front door was finally repaired. We asked CAPREIT for the curb cut in a meeting on September 5 2018. The first work on the curb cut was done on November 6 2019. It took 427 days even to have this initially unsatisfactory work done.

We informed CAPREIT in a quarterly meeting on December 9 2019 that the work was not done correctly. There was a a trench left in the curb cut because the asphalt was not brought up to ground level. This created a tripping hazard. It defeated the purpose of the curb cut. We asked for it to make life easier and safer for people with mobility issues. If you use walker, or a cane, or just have difficulty walking you need the curb cut at the front door.

From the initial agreement to do the curb cut to satisfactory completion of the work this week over 720 days passed to achieve this:

Curb Cut Repair

Can you believe that window-washing was last done in November 2017? If not, take a look at the grime outside your bedroom window! CAPREIT agreed to do a window-washing at a meeting on April 17th 2019. Of course it couldn’t take place until the fall of 2019 after some brick work was done on the building – lest some of the dust from that work accumulate on the windows. This type of concern wouldn’t matter if window-washing was annual. It’s only a concern when you try to make a window-washing last several years.

We reminded CAPREIT in a meeting on December 9 2019 that the window-washing was not done that fall. They still haven’t done it. It’s been 33 months since the last window-wash!

In a meeting on September 12 2019, CAPREIT agreed that starting in 2020 the pigeon dung around the building would be power washed every two weeks. It hasn’t been done once this summer.

There is no reason why it should take so long to act on something that has been agreed to. These timelines are unacceptable.

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