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Spring 2019 Update

The Tenant Association representatives met with CAPREIT in April 2019. We discussed several topics. Here’s the update.

CAPREIT has agreed to remove the GEUCR bin at the back of the building. This has been a lengthy process. Sixty tenants signed the petition asking CAPREIT to remove it and replace it with a bin for a registered charity. CAPREIT responded to the petition by email telling us that the bin will be removed, and confirmed this in our April meeting. Head office is negotiating the schedule for removal. Unfortunately CAPREIT will not replace the GEUCR bin with a donation bin for a registered charity.

CAPREIT will follow through on prior commitments relating to the traffic circle now that the warm weather is approaching. This includes repainting the faded arrows to direct traffic flow, and a curb cut near the portico at the front door. The power washing of pigeon dung will also continue this summer. CAPREIT will call in the power washing team as needed.

CAPREIT will install three dog stations on the property. These will have dispensers for plastic bags, and a receptacle to leave the refuse. Dogs rejoice!

CAPREIT will roll out an online tenant portal for filing work orders. This is good news for tenants because now work orders will be tracked in a database from filing to completion. The current system is paper based. This should alleviate the issue of work orders not being done in a timely manner. We have heard many such cases, and even cases of work orders not being completed and tenants giving up in frustration.

CAPREIT plans on holding a lobby event to introduce tenants to the tenant portal. When we know the date we will let you know.

We also asked CAPREIT if they could do a window wash for the building. They agreed to do this after some brick work around the building has been completed this year. It makes sense to wash the windows after the dust from the brick work is settled. This will be like the last window washing, which was in November 2017. So the windows a tenant can’t access will be washed.

The parking garage will also be washed this summer. The dates are TBD.

Getting access to storage rooms has been a bit of a challenge recently. CAPREIT has cut some additional storage room keys so that it will be easier to get one when you need one.

We let CAPREIT know that we appreciated the snow plowing this last winter. The sidewalks around the building and the property was cleared very well. It make getting around much easier (at least in our little part of Toronto).


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