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Tenant Survey Results and AGM Minutes

At the 100 Wellesley Street East Tenant Association 2018 Annual General Meeting we announced that you could take the Tenant Association’s online survey. It asked about your satisfaction levels on topics including maintenance, repairs, amenities, security, and your enjoyment of the building. The quantitative results are now available for you all to see.

In total, 61 tenants took the survey (out of 424 units in the building). We were very happy to see this level of participation, and we thank everyone who took the survey.

This information will help us understand what you would like to see improved in the building. We can repeat the survey next year and see if the satisfaction levels are higher.

We also heard some of your other concerns at the 2018 AGM. We will take that information and the survey results into account as we talk to Capreit on your behalf over the year.

We hope that you continue to let us know what you think about the building and how it could be better.

Talk to us on our Facebook group:

You can always submit questions to us here on our website:

Here is the link to the survey results (graphs and tables):

Here is the link to the minutes from the AGM:


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