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The Bike Room: What's up with that?

Those of our residents that have a bike have probably wished for a functional bike room before. Fact is, the bike room in our garage has been in an unusable condition for years now. All the stands are ripped out of the walls, it is cluttered with abandoned bikes, and the office is not handing out any more keys, because the lock is too old, and new keys can't be made anymore. Those of us who have a key, probably worry about the safety of our bikes in there. The reason I am writing this post is twofold: Our tenant association has not forgotten this problem, and we are working on making management address it. But as with everything, we can use all the help we can get: if you care about having a functional bike room complain to management! Second, for those of you that are considering moving in, this is something to keep in mind!

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