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In the event of an emergency such as a threat to your personal safety or your property, fire, a medical emergency etc. dial 9-1-1 immediately.

If you have a problem such as a noise complaint, suspicious activities, flood, vandalism to the building etc. call the office phone number, (416) 924-5100, 24/7, and a CAPREIT staff member will take your call and attend to the problem right away.  Always follow up with a hard copy letter or email to the attention of our Director of Operations, Ms. Georgeta Morar by handing it into the office (you can also slip it through the mail slot if the office is closed) or by sending an email with as many details as possible.  

If you have any comments or complaints about the day to day building operations again, address them in writing to Ms. Georgeta Morar.  Georgeta likes to have input from building residents so do not hesitate to be in contact with her with any comments or concerns.  Remember all communications MUST be in writing, she cannot carry out complaints or get funds for improvements without written documentation.  Georgeta and her management team are absolutely committed to make 100 Wellesley a great place to call home but she needs to know about problems, concerns or suggestions in writing so that she can address them.  

If you have any problem with something in your suite go to the office and fill out a work order to have the issue(s) repaired or investigated.  

5)  Finally, be sure to join our Facebook discussion group to share and report your concerns or suggestions.  Your Tenant Association can follow up to see what is being done about any problems or suggestions that are raised plus it keeps us in the loop as to what is happening around the building.  We also have good, friendly discussion happening and it's even a great place to sell things too!

Key in the Lock


If you have a problem or see a perceived threat call the management office at (416) 924-5100

There are numerous digital cameras that are positioned throughout the building in the lobbies, elevator cabs, roof deck, gym, pool, at building entrance points, emergency exits, underground parking areas etc.  Never assume someone is monitoring the cameras, their primary function is to record activity only.  All cameras are recorded onto hard drives and the data is backed up and archived regularly.  When security guards are on duty they not only patrol the building and grounds, respond to reported problems but they occasionally monitor the cameras as best they can when they are in the security office however there are many cameras to monitor so activity on all cameras cannot be seen at one time. 

If there is a health or safety emergency always dial  9 1 1  immediately.  There are phones to call the office or  9 1 1  located in both the pool area and the gym. 

Front entrance surveillance camera: 

Rogers Digital HD Cable - Channel 988*

Rogers Basic Digital Cable - Channel 59*

* Front entrance surveillance channel may or may not be available depending on the type of Rogers cable receiver you have. 

Bell ExpressVu/Starchoice TV - not available

Bell Fibe TV - not available


Do not tamper with any fire equipment or alarm systems in the building including the speakers in your suites.  Disconnecting wires to the speaker in your apartment can knock out a whole line of alarm speakers to other suites rendering them or an entire area non-operational in the event of an emergency.  If you did not receive a Fire Plan when you moved in, ask for one in the office so that you and your family are familiar with emergency routines.  Every year residents are notified of the opportunity to participate and ask questions when building-wide safety fire drills are held.


Guest parking is located just inside the garage door in the marked spaces only.  Your fob will get your guests access to the guest parking section.  Guests must be accompanied to their car by a resident as the garage is accessible by fob access only.   
“Target” monitors the parking/guest parking areas and driveways regularly.  Residents are permitted to park only in their designated space(s), guests must park only in designated guest parking spots.  There is no parking permitted in the front or back driveway.  Target will issue tickets for those violating any of the building’s parking regulations. If all guest parking spots are full, parking must be found elsewhere outside of the building on surrounding streets or parking lots.  In order to reduce the chance of your vehicle being broken into NEVER keep anything of value inside of your vehicle which may attract thieves.



Laundry Machine repairs - Coinamatic: 1-800-561-1972 or visit their website.  Make sure you note the washer or dryer machine number and describe the problem.  If you have lost money due to broken or malfunctioning equipment details of how to submit a claim are here: Refund Request .  For amounts $10+ email their Customer Service at  with full details, name, full address, phone number and machine numbers and amount(s) of the overcharge.

The laundry room can be found on the “B” level.  When you get off the elevator go up the set of stairs, through the door, straight down to the end of the hallway and the laundry room is the door on your right.  Laundry machines use Phelps Smart Cards which can be obtained from the management office or from the self serve machine in the laundry room, coins are not accepted.  To load up your card with money, or credits, follow the instructions on the machine which is located just inside the laundry room door, you need a debit or credit card.  The laundry room can get quite busy, please do not leave your clothes in the washers or dryers when the cycle is complete, there are likely people waiting to use the machines after you.

chairs by pool


roof, pool, gym

100 Wellesley is unique in that it offers a roof deck to enjoy in the warmer months, a gym, mens/womens change rooms, saunas and an indoor pool.  Hours for these areas are 10:00 am – 10:30 pm daily.  To access the pool, gym and change rooms go to the PH level and use your key fob to enter the amenity areas. The doors are marked accordingly.  To access the roof deck, you can go into the gym, turn right, and exit through the doors there. Do not use the north door as it is alarmed.  You can also get to the pool via the locker rooms and exit out to the roof deck. 

To exit from the roof deck, go back through the pool area or exit down the west or east stairwell and walk down to the 28th floor, then take the elevator to your floor.  Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.  There is no alcohol or barbecuing allowed on the roof deck at any time.  Do not allow access to anyone who may be knocking and trying to get into the gym, pool area, changerooms or exit stairwells. These are people who do not live here and are known to cause problems, use illegal drugs or simply use the facilities that we pay for.  Digital cameras monitor these areas.  

If you see anyone who accesses the roof deck, pool or gym that you suspect does not live here or who has gained illegal entrance, please notify the management office immediately.  Please help to keep these areas safe, clean and secure for all residents.  Note:  In the event of an approaching thunder/lightening storm, collect your belongings and leave the roof deck immediately, it is not safe to be on the roof deck during electrical storms. 

If the lights are off in the pool area, go into the room with the window (it's unlocked) and turn on the light switch. For the gym, the light switch is located in the little room when you turn left after entering the gym.   

Ice Cream & Scoops


A convenient tuck shop is located through the east door by the elevators, walk through the second door and you’ll see the entrance directly on your right hand side.  You can also enter the tuck shop from the outside just to the right of the main entrance doors to the building.  Hours are posted and are subject to change on holidays.


Recycle bins are located in the garbage chute room on each floor.  There are two large green bins located just outside of the rear door to the building for organic refuse. Note: Mixed materials such as plastic with metal or paper attached and items in sealed plastic bags are not recyclable, and will only be transferred to the landfill by the recycling plant.   Also please empty and rinse food containers.  Household furniture, electrical appliances, batteries and CFL light bulbs and most ornaments are not recyclable in the Blue Bin.   Consult with the office about disposal of those items.

City of Toronto - Overview of Garbage and Recycling Services


100 Wellesley is a dog friendly building however if your dog has an accident, please clean up after it.  If your dog is prone to accidents please be properly equipped to completely clean up after their mistakes.  All dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the building's common areas and around the property (front, side and back yards).  There is a fantastic enclosed, off-leash dog area at the back of Cawthra Park (S/E corner of the park), just steps from our back door.  There are also two other off-leash dog parks at Allen Gardens, about a ten minute walk from our front door.  Walk south on Jarvis Street to Carlton Street, walk east (left on Carlton) about two minutes and you'll see two, large enclosed off-leash areas there.  One is for smaller dogs to run, play and socialize and the other is for larger dogs.  Dog owners are expected to pick up after their dogs on the property and deposit the contents into any number of garbage receptacles that can be found around the building.  Do not allow your dog to urinate at or near the front and rear exists, against garbage receptacles, walls, flower planters and such near the front or rear exit doors.

Brown:Black Bicylce


We have a bike room available just inside the garage door on your left to store your bicycle.  You need to obtain a key from the management office to access the bicycle room.  If possible please use the bike room to store your bicycles.  Bringing bikes up and down the elevators can cause crowding and inconvenience for other residents especially if an elevator is taken out of service for move-in's/out's or if one or more cabs are broken down etc.  If you have guests that arrive by bicycle there are bicycle rings along the sidewalk right in front of the building along Wellesley Street.  Any bicycles found to be locked anywhere on the property other than the areas noted above (i.e. against fences, handrails etc.) are subject to be cut off and removed without notice.


Storage lockers are available at a minimal cost by arrangement through the management office.  Locker rooms can be found throughout various areas over three basement levels.  Ask management to direct you to your locker room location.  Keys to access your locker room can be borrowed from the management office during office hours only and must be returned before the office closes.  Keys for your locker room cannot be purchased.


100 Wellesley St. is equipped to receive both Rogers and Bell FIBE (direct to suite fiber optics) for TV, home phone, and Internet.  If your a new or existing resident, call both companies and see who can offer you the best price for TV and Internet.


There is always a problem with undue noise in a multi-unit dwelling like ours but there is much that can be done to alleviate it. When this building was first constructed it was insulated with wall-to-wall carpeting (& drapes) in every unit, indeed at least 75% floor coverage with rugs was a condition of the original leases.    Noise was much less noticeable due to this. That is no longer the case but it still is an excellent idea to have rugs and window drapes or blinds. These are not provided by the landlord.   

The hardware store can also provide foam strips that stick around door frames to reduce noise from the hallways and from doors in your apartment slamming and thereby annoying others. People should also be aware that many of the walls are hollow and the stairwells, which can act like a sound amplifier, back onto peoples' bedrooms.  So often you may not be entirely as private as you think you are.

Please use discretion when noise is unavoidable, such as using a hammer and other tools.  It's NOT a good idea to start that after 10pm or before 8am. Loud sound systems aren't a good idea either, especially with the bass cranked up unreasonably. The City has a noise by-law which restricts undue noise not just overnight and all day on Sundays and public holidays so is worth a read HERE

CAPREIT have been known to evict tenants who have continually ignored the right of other tenants to the peaceful enjoyment of their space.  Of course they have to made aware of it in writing.  It's a 3-strike rule.

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