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Here Is The Final LPAT Decision

This is the document from the LPAT that formally states the decision about the development proposal for 100 Wellesley.

As we have blogged about, the decision is a disappointment to us.

Tell Us What You Think About The Development Proposal


The hearing will be rescheduled. The LPAT is rescheduling all hearings from March 16 (our original date) and April 3.

We will post the new date as soon as we know it, but you can also track it on the LPAT website:  You will need to enter case number PL180243.

On December 18 2019, Toronto City Council adopted a motion to accept CAPREIT’s revised development proposal. CAPREIT’s appeal to the LPAT is still scheduled to be heard in March 2020. 


We are listed as participants at the appeal, and can present your thoughts on the revised proposal. So please take a minute or two to tell us what you think. 


The new proposal is for construction on the north and east sides of the building. The old construction proposal included new construction on the south, east and north sides of the building. 


Here are the documents that describe the new proposal:


  1. Settlement Offer to Toronto from Wood Bull LLP (CAPREIT’s lawyers)

  2. Report for Action

  3. Revised Architectural Drawings


At the lobby event on December 16 2019, we learned that the proposed schedule for the development would include a site planning phase to take place in 2020. The construction phase should be 14 to 16 months starting sometime in 2021.

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